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How can I change my credit card information with Paypal without cancelling my account with you?
These are the steps you need to use (in order) for changing your funding source with PayPal to ensure that your existing domain hosted accounts are not cancelled. As PayPal is very finicky as to how it is completed, these are the steps:

1: Login to your Paypal account
2: Go to the "Profile" sub tab of the "My Account".
3: Under Financial Information, choose the funding source you wish to add.
4: ADD another funding source WITHOUT removing and/or editing an existing one.

Once completed, you can proceed with the following:

5: Select "Subscriptions" from the drop-down menu.
6: Click on the Status of the subscription in question to go to the details page.
7: Choose a new default payment method. This will not cause the active hosting account to be cancelled.

** If you just went in and add a new CC or Bank Account and remove the old funding option without change it for the active subscriptions first, before using the procedure described above then it will cause your accounts with us to be cancelled automatically by PayPal.

If you have any questions on this procedure, please contact PayPal at 1-402-935-2080



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