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WorldPay.com declined my credit card, what do I do now?
If you have received an email from us or WorldPay.com informing you that your credit card was declined, you will need to put in a trouble ticket informing us that you are looking into the cause of this and also you will need to contact your Bank to resolve this issue.

The two of the most common declined transaction errors are:

authorisation failed: (from bank) D [W331] Declined
authorisation failed: (from bank) R [W331] Not Authorised

Authorisation failed: (from bank) D [W331] Declined

This error indicates that you need to contact your bank personally to find out why the transaction was deliclined. Some or the causes for this error include:
1: PURCHASING CARD these cards are issued to companies by banks and other card issuers. There may be a limit on the type of good and services that can be purchased with this type of card.
2: Debit Cards Debit cards like the Visa Electron, and JCB can only be used for GBP to GBP transactions where payment by the shopper is made in GBP and the settlement currency between WorldPay and the Merchant is in GBP.
3: Currency of Origin Bank Issuer Certain Bank issuers permit the cards they issue to be used in the same currency as the country of their origin.
4: Credit card is suspected for fraud Card is in the bank's fraud list and cannot be used for online transactions.
5: Transaction value exceeds credit limit balance in card
6: Random decline by the bank to reduce fraud Banks do randomly decline credit cards to reduce occurrence of fraud. WorldPay knows about this problem and is attempting to resolve it so that we are informed that it was a random decline.

authorisation failed: (from bank) R [W331] Not Authorised

These errors are generated randomly from your bank for security reasons and to prevent fraudulent use of your card in card holder not present transactions, particularly where the card has been used many times. You will need to contact your bank for further details.

PLEASE NOTE: Yes, you are probably thinking that we have miss-spelled authorization BUT this is the spelling of it when it is returned to us so for authenticity, we have retained its spelling here is in this FAQ.



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