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How do I upload files using FrontPage® 2002?
To upload/publish your files using FrontPage® 2002, you will first have to create a new site record. Please follow the instructions below:

Click on the “File” menu and proceed to “Publish Site”.
Click on Publish Site.
If you already have a site defined you will need to cancel the connection operation. Once cancelled you can enter your domain name.
Enter your domain name in the URL box (e.g., http://www.yourdomainname.com)
Click the “Connect” button to proceed.
A dialog box will then pop-up and ask you to enter your username and password.
Enter your account username (e.g., admin) and your password. You can locate your login information in your 'Your new account" confirmation email.
To upload a file you can simply select the file by clicking on it and dragging it to your website window pane.


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