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How do I publish my site with FrontPage 98
These are the steps to Login using your FrontPage 98

1: Open Front Explorer
2: Click file
3: Click on FrontPage Web
4: Select your local Web
5: Click OK in the Getting Started window
6: Click the Publish button in the FrontPage Explorer window after the Web site opens.
7: Click More Webs in the publish window.
8: Type http://www.your domain name, in the format of http://www.domain.com, into the combo box of the Publish FrontPage Web window.
9: Click OK.
10: Enter the site admin username and password(IE: admin - NOT admin@domain.com)
11: FrontPage should begin publishing your site to your web space.
12: If you wish to publish to a subdirectory on your Web space, in the format of http://www.domain.com/subdir/, simply type the entire URL to which you wish to publish. This will create a Child Web.


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